Pros And Cons Of Protective Styling

Protective styling keeps our hair ends all tucked in and safe while also looking gorgeous, with styles such as ; Cornrows, Marley twists, Box braids, Wigs, Bantu Knots e.t.c. 

Reasons you should get those beautiful box braids 

  1.  Protects your hair from breakage: It keeps your hair safe from harsh weather; winter, sun, during water sports and over-manipulation
  2. Length Retention: Hair growth + length retention = Long hair. When the end of you hair are protected and safe there is less breakage thus any hair growth is retained.
  3. Convenience and ease: We all dream of waking up , remove your sleeping bonnets and off you go. Protective styles give us that ease,  to be all i woke up like this viola!!Voila!!
Like all fabulous and pretty things, protective styling has its sour side. So before you go get that bold exquisite marley twist, consider these Cons:

  1. Tangled hair : When you take down your protective styles you will discover a build up of dirt and knots in your hair, which can cause breakage if not detangled properly, using an effective detangler.
  2. Tension on hair follicles : Most protective styles put a lot of tension and stress on the hair follicles especially, the edges( front of hairline) and the kitchen (back hairline). Please my naturals these are definitely not protective AT ALL!   
3. Dry hair : When your hair is put away, you are often tempted to think it needs no further care. When your hair is not moisturized as usual, you get a very dry hair months later when your protective styles are taken down

   Tips for Protective Styling

  • Protective styles should not be left in for more than 2 months because the dirt build up and inefficient moisturization leads to breakage over a length of time.
  • Moisturize your scalp  and exposed hair at least twice a week when in any protective style.
  • While taking down your styles, make sure you detangle efficiently, moisturizing with water from your mist spray bottle, finger detangling, and applying an efficient detangler then go in with your detangling brush.
  • Apply a leave-in conditioner and moisturize hair especially your ends before protective styling.
  • Avoid tension and stress on your edges and kitchen. 
There are so many gorgeous protective styles that allow you express your style. Check them out here

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