NEW Happy Hair Box- Growth Burst Edition
NEW Happy Hair Box- Growth Burst Edition
NEW Happy Hair Box- Growth Burst Edition
NEW Happy Hair Box- Growth Burst Edition
NEW Happy Hair Box- Growth Burst Edition
NEW Happy Hair Box- Growth Burst Edition
NEW Happy Hair Box- Growth Burst Edition
NEW Happy Hair Box- Growth Burst Edition

NEW Happy Hair Box- Growth Burst Edition

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ūüöÄ Get ready for something special! Two NEW haircare treasures are coming your way, exclusively in the Happy Hair box! And guess what? For the first time ever, enjoy two different shampoo bars in one box. Don't miss out! ‚ú®

Opening the Happy Hair Box instantly transforms your haircare routine from a chore to an exciting adventure. We have curated the Ultimate Washday box with 6 full-sized, vegan hair products and step-by-step guides that teach you how to care for your hair and help you achieve long, gorgeous curls in a very short time.


Each edition of the Happy Hair Box comes with a different set of deep-conditioning treatments, and accessories/ tools. So this box is never boring! You can look forward to something new in each box.


The only box where you get premium, vegan products that make your curls and pockets happy! Save major coins with a huge discount of up to 70% off and the opportunity to get all the products you need for a complete washday, at a very low cost. 

Happy Hair

Happy Hair is Healthy Hair. People with curls and coils struggle to see hair growth & retain length and this box contains everything you need to make the process simple. All the products in the Happy Hair Box are made with natural ingredients that stimulate growth, strengthen hair, and keep it moisturized and bouncy. Grow the longest, healthiest hair you have ever had with a simple routine that is painless and doesn’t take hours.

What's in the Box?

1. Our Best Selling Leave-in Detangler - The best pre-poo ever! Instantly loosens knots and tangles and prevents breakage. It also Provides a boost of moisture before you shampoo.

2. The Ayurvedic Shampoo Bar with Hibiscus - Gentle cleansing that leaves hair moisturized and stimulates follicles to promote growth.

3. NEW Growth Burst Shampoo Bar - formulated with antioxidant-rich Butterfly Pea Flower, Soothing Lavender, and scalp-exfoliating Salicylic acid.

Two Exclusive Deep-conditioning hair masks which change every 2 months.

Early Summer 2024 Masks:

4.  Growth Burst Mask - Our unique formula for the Growth Burst Mask is infused with Moringa and Peppermint, penetrating the hair shaft to strengthen each strand with vitamins, zinc & iron that promote cell regeneration and stimulate faster hair growth.

5.  Curls Unleashed - Use the Curls Unleashed treatment mask to hydrate and revive frizzy hair, it's a perfect treatment for wash-n-go styling days. It is formulated with Sea moss and Flaxseed that will promote faster hair growth, hydrate hair & scalp while fighting UV hair damage (oxidative stress).

6. NEW Curls Revived Leave-in Conditioner - The Ultimate Leave-in Conditioner to revive all thirsty, dry and damaged curls, condition and softens all hair textures with long-lasting, deep moisture.

7. Intense Growth Serum - An amazing combination of herbs, essential oils, and organic oils that stimulate hair roots and healthy hair growth, making it look thicker, longer and stronger. 

7. Gorgeous Hair Accessories which change every 2 months.

Early Winter 2023 Accessories & Tools: 

-- Micro-Fibre Towel

- Hair ties


What you can expect from us


Our commitment to you is to deliver high quality products that meet the highest manufacturing standards. We want to be a part of every step of your hair journey and you can expect a quick response when you send us an email at


From seasoned naturalistas to people who are considering a transition to natural hair, our team includes a diverse group of women who are here to walk you through whatever stage you are in your hair journey. We will send you tips on social media and in our newsletters, and we will continue to provide you with tools and vegan products that will make the process easier and your curls healthier.