THE POWER GREEN RINSE: Hair Benefits Of Green Tea Rinse And How To Use

July 26, 2022. 


We love to relax with a cup of green tea for its many nutritional goodies but that is not the only way we get the green tea benefits.

There are so many things you can do with tea, from skincare, and haircare to using tea leaves ( who doesn't love some fortune-telling). Below we discuss how best to use your green tea in haircare and why you should even bother.

Hair Benefits of Green Tea Rinse

Green tea is made from fresh tea leaves that have been processed with sunlight exposure and drying to avoid fermentation and oxidation, with the exception of matcha green tea.


A green tea rinse is simply brewing green tea, and drenching hair and scalp with the tea, gifts both curls and scalp loads of goodies much more than the effort needed.


Are you experiencing an irritated scalp? Dull hair? Need some hair growth boost? consider trying a green tea rinse. Here is why;

Fights Hair Loss


A powerful catechin epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) found in green tea inhibits testosterone and dihydrotestosterone hormones that contribute to hair loss. (1)


The Caffeine and polyphenols in green tea rinse also help to fight and prevent hair loss.

Nurtures A Healthy Scalp


Green tea has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that soothe irritated scalp and can help with dandruff conditions when applied to hair and scalp.


Also relaxing and drinking a few cups of green tea increases blood circulation and oxygen delivery to cells by 29% including skin (scalp). promoting scalp health and healthy hair growth.

Stimulates Hair Growth


The EGCG contents of a green tea rinse increase hair growth by stimulating hair follicles and protecting hair cells from damage.


This was proven in a small study when the application of green-tea-derived EGCG extract on 3 subjects with alopecia (hair loss) showed increased hair growth on the scalp in 4 days.

Improves Shine

A green tea rinse adds sheen and gloss to dull curls. 

Revives Dry Hair

Green tea is one of the sources of panthenol, which is a moisturizing agent that can help revive dry curls.

How to Use a Power Green Tea Rinse

With those benefits, you are probably ready to try out a rinse and wonder how? No fuss, we got you;




-Green Tea


-Spray Bottle




1. Boil 2 cups of water

2. Steep 4 green tea bags in boiled water for at least 30mins and allow the tea to cool after.

3. Then pour in a spray bottle

4. Pre-poo, shampoo hair, and complete all your other wash-day steps, after rinsing off all products used.

5. Spray tea on scalp and hair. Drench hair completely and massage tea into the scalp.

6. Cover with a shower cap and let it sit for about 1hr.

7. Rinse (This step can be skipped).



How often should you use the green tea rinse?

Once a week.


Who needs it?

Dry and irritated scalp conditions.



Would you try a green tea rinse?