A Revolution for Kinky/Curly Hair

Longer hair & Shorter Washdays

Have you ever wondered how long your hair would be if it didn't break all the time? Or are you just fed up with the amount of time (and effort) it takes to detangle and style your hair? If yes, you need to join the Revolution!

The Struggle is over!

You can now Detangle ANY hair type in 5 steps and less than 10 minutes. Our all-natural leave-in detangler will give you maximum slip as well as amazing ingredients that promote hair growth. Organic Beauty is where Nature meets Science. Prepare to be mindblown!

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You are too Pretty to Poison

Nothing beats an all-natural product infused with real herbs and organic oils. Firstly, the difference to your curls is clear. You get moisture retention and strong, healthy hair. Secondly, it's very important to avoid hair products that contain toxic ingredients which can increase the risk of cancer and cause irritation to the scalp and skin.

Plant-based Rules! Always! Come over to the Green Side.


The Ultimate Detangling Set

The Quality is Exceptional. Prepare to be Mindblown!