Curls Unleashed - Hibiscus & FlaxSeed (Buy1, Get 1 for $10)
Curls Unleashed - Hibiscus & FlaxSeed (Buy1, Get 1 for $10)
Curls Unleashed - Hibiscus & FlaxSeed (Buy1, Get 1 for $10)
Curls Unleashed - Hibiscus & FlaxSeed (Buy1, Get 1 for $10)

Curls Unleashed - Hibiscus & FlaxSeed (Buy1, Get 1 for $10)

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Moisture, Definition, Hold - All in on bottle!

Curls Unleashed is the ultimate combination of moisture and gorgeous curl definition. This is pure organic flaxseed gel, with hibiscus tea and amazing oils perfect for your daily & weekly styling need, no matter your hair type. Organic hibiscus makes it smell amazing, strengthens hair strands and promotes length-retention. Unlock the key to soft, moisturized twist-outs, High buns, Low buns, and easy mini-twist maintenance. Say Goodbye to flakes or dryness today!



  • FlaxSeeds - Prevents dryness & frizz; Prevents inflammation which can promote regrowth of hair in damaged follicles
  • Hibiscus - Prevents hair loss by strengthening hair strands and promoting elasticity.
  • Vitamin E - Encourages hair growth and increases shine.
  • Olive oil - Prevents Split ends and helps hair retain hydration.
  • Aloe Vera - Adds moisture and repairs dead skin cells on the scalp.

This product will transform dry, thirsty strands to juicy, soft and ready to style curls within minutes. Apply to wet hair, Twist or braid in small sections. Leave hair to air dry or use a hairdryer with a diffuser, apply the Growth burst serum all over hair or any light-weight oil of choice, then take down twist/braids to get super defined, soft curls!

For the tightest curls, apply in sections and twist. Unravel twists when they are dry and style as you please. 

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