A Hair Revolution Led by Science

It is our mission to prove to you and everyone else that we can all grow long, healthy hair regardless of hair type. Organic Beauty brings you highly effective products that combine intensive scientific research with the power of nature. Nothing is better for your hair than a product made from Real, Organic Herbs and Oils. We take it one step further by performing quality research to select natural ingredients that promote hair growth, detangle knots very quickly and give you bouncy, shiny curls without any buildup. Our leave-in detangler will literally melt into your hair and leave you speechless! Knots gone, frizz tamed and hair nicely curled up! That is what happens when the team is a group of female chemical engineers who have kinky hair themselves and create products they are in love with. 

On our journey to embrace our curly kinky hair in it's natural state, we discovered that detangling was one of the biggest challenges women with curly hair face. Some women would spend days finger-detangling their hair in order to remove intricate knots without causing breakage. We just knew that there had to be a better way.

As we learned more about our hair and experimented with different organic products, we came up with a 4 step process that simplified detangling for every single hair type! Split in Sections, Wet one Section, Apply a slippery moisturizing lotion & lastly brush gently with a flexible detangling brush starting from the ends and working up to the roots. This system made detangling fast, painless and allows length-retention by minimizing breakage.

Our goal is to continue developing organic products for hair, skin, nails etc. As someone once said, "Choose clean beauty because girl, you're too pretty to poison."