Hair Stylist Spray Bottle & Detangling Brush Bundle
Hair Stylist Spray Bottle & Detangling Brush Bundle
Hair Stylist Spray Bottle & Detangling Brush Bundle
Hair Stylist Spray Bottle & Detangling Brush Bundle

Hair Stylist Spray Bottle & Detangling Brush Bundle

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This gorgeous golden spray bottle is a Hair Stylist's dream! The patented nozzle design allows a powerful spray that mists each section perfectly without saturating it. Combined with the flexible Organic Beauty brush, detangling natural or curly hair becomes so much easier and it works for all hair types! It is the perfect solution for achieving FAST detangling and styling without breakage or pain. 

What’s in the Bundle?

  •  Professional Hair Stylist Spray Bottle for blasting 360 degree moisture in seconds. 
  • The Organic beauty Detangling brush which is designed to easily glide through all kinds of tangled hair without causing breakage
  • A Wide-tooth styling comb & pretty hair ties to split hair into sections. 


Professional Hair-Stylist Continuous Mist Spray Bottle

This gorgeous gold-toned spray bottle uses a patented pressure-spray technology. It continues to spray for 3 seconds after the trigger is released and multiple pushes cause a longer continuous spray. This is perfect for professional hair stylists as it provides a full blast of even moisture which speeds up styling and saves energy. For naturalistas and people with all kinds of hair types, this spray bottle feels like a miracle. It cuts down detangling time drastically and makes hair styling something to look forward to.

Nozzle Diameter: 0.3mm

Color: Gold

Capacity: 300 mL


The Ultimate Detangling Brush

This brush is the key to detangling curly hair quickly without breakage. It has 8 flexible moving arms that bend and flex to glide through hair and ease out knots without pulling hair out or damaging cuticles. 

The sturdy, rubber handle is also ergonomical, allowing a firm grip and easy control of the brush without strain. It works on dry or wet hair, however, for curlier and coilier hair types we prefer to detangle slightly wet, moisturized hair.

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