A Step by Step Guide to Natural Hair Steaming

Rita Okechukwu · Oct 12, 2021


Giving your natural hair a little TLC goes a long way to support healthy hair growth. Steaming is one of the best natural hair treatmeats that can be done at home or at a hair salon. 

What is Hair Steaming and why do you need it? 

Steaming is a hair treatment, where moist heat is used as means of delivering moisture, and other hair care products to scalp and hair strands. 


The heat lifts hair cuticles and opens up scalp pores, making it easier for hair strands to absorb moisture and improve blood circulation in the scalp pores. 


If you are experiencing excessive hair frizz and dryness, steaming is the best treatment for getting and retaining moisture in your hair and scalp. 


How to steam natural hair 

Steaming is a natural hair care staple, but it should not be over-done. Once a week is recommended and will take care of any hair dryness. This is to avoid hydral fatigue, which is damage to hair cuticles from over-moisturization. 


Steaming can be used as a hair treatment for all hair types. 


Step 1: Wash hair 

To get the best results from your hair treatment, it's important to set the stage by washing your hair strands properly to remove all dirt and product build-up, and dry hair with an old cotton t-shirt or microfiber towel. 


Step 2: Apply a deep conditioner 

While hair is still damp, section it into four or more manageable parts and apply your choice of hair conditioner generously to the entire length of your hair and pay special attention to the ends. After that, cover your hair with a shower cap. 


Step 3: Steam hair 

Place hair with the shower cap under a hooded steamer, relax with a good book, and let the magic begin. Hair should remain under the steamer for 15-30 minutes, and ensure that steam gets to the ends. Depending on hair texture and length, this time can be reduced or extended to 40mins for long, thicker hair.  


Step 4: Rinse hair strands 

After steaming, remove hair from steamer and shower cap, rinse hair with cold water and dry with a microfibre towel.  

Apply a slippery leave-in to add even more moisture and help you detangle

Our Marshmallow Root & Slippery elm Leave-in Detangler contains aloe vera, shea butter and amazing organic oils that will penetrate easily into your steamed hair strands and provide long-lasting moisture. After steaming your hair is wet, strengthened and elastic. This is a great time to detangle and the slip in our leave-in will help you get through the process much faster without causing breakage.


Which steamers are best and why? 


There are so many options available when selecting a steamer, that you might feel overwhelmed by options but we've got you. The best way to narrow down your choice is to concentrate on your needs and how you plan to use your steamer. Standing steamers are mostly used by professional hairstylists and also in some homes. They are very efficient in emitting loads of heat but have no mobility, so you will have to sit still. Table-top and Handheld steamers are perfect for DIY home use. They have an easy at-home setup and are portable and efficient.

Steaming should be a regular part of every natural's hair regimen.
It is the best way to ensure your deep conditioners and other treatments penetrate your hair strands and supply nutrients to nourish and strengthen them, especially for low porosity hair which does not easily absorb moisture and treatments.