How To Get A Lush Silk Press Without The Heat Damage

Rita · Dec. 19, 2022

It's Silk Press season again, Don't ask when it was decided that fall & winter are best for bone-straight hairstyling, lol. My guess? Hmm...Probably has something to do with the lack of heat and humidity in winter, making the style stay longer.

You have most likely seen videos & pictures of these straight, shiny, lush hairstyles, and you are tempted to switch things up but struck with the fear of HEAT DAMAGE, you hesitate

What if I told you you can have the best of both worlds - A Lush Silk press + No heat damage?

Stay with me...

What Is A Silk Press

Silk press on natural hair without heat damage

A silk press is a hair styling process that temporarily transforms your curly hair to silky & straight using a flat iron to give body and movement without the use of chemical straighteners {Relaxer}

Getting the occasional silk press does not indicate a conformation to the European beauty standards, it is simply a means to switch up your hair styling options while retaining length. But like all heat styling, when proper precautions are not taken it can cause irreparable damage to hair strands.

Steps For A Successful Silk Press On Natural Hair Without Heat Damage

An improper Silk Press technique can lead to heat damage that causes a break in hydrogen bonds of hair follicles and this futher leads to excessive hair breakage, split ends, loss of curl pattern even after wetting hair, and so much more. Here are precautions you can take during your silk press to prevent all these.

1. Cleanse with a Moisturizing Shampoo

A clean scalp and hair is a very important bases for a silk press. Use a sulfate-free, foaming non-stripping shampoo that will hydrate your curls while cleansing to avoid starting off with dry, brittle curls.

Also make sure to cleanse off all product, oil, and dirt build-ups to prevent your hair from burning in the straightening process. It is best to shampoo 2-3 times for best results.

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Gentle Foaming Ayurvedic Shampoo Bar

2. Add Moisture With A Deep Conditioner

Deep conditioning is an important step for a healthy, shiny silk press. Use deep conditioners rich in hydrating oils to hydrate your curls, tame frizz, and protect them from breakage.

After deep conditioner application, cover the treatment with a steam cap and allow to seat for at least 30mins then rinse off with cool water, so as to trap in all that moisture.

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3. Strengthen & Moisturize Hair With Leave-in

After your final rinse off, put your hair in sections and apply a light-weight moisturizing and strengthening leave-in that will ensure that your hair follicles can push through all the coming heat styling step

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Moisturizing Leave-in

4. Use A Heat Protectant

Before any heat styling step, be it blow drying or straightening, it is extremely important to apply a heat protectant.

Here are some ingredients to watch out for while choosing a heat protectant;

a. Meadrofoam Seed oil and PVP/DMAPA Acrylates copolymers- They form a shield over hair follicles to prevent hair moisture loss and prevent hair damage

b. Keratins and Wheat Proteins - Strengthen hair follicles

c. Aloe and Argan oil are also good ingredients to have in a heat protectant.

5. Ensure Scalp and Hair is Fully Dry

Blow dry hair and scalp completely in order to reduce the reduce of flat iron usage during the straightening process. It is best to use a blow dryer brush for this step.

6. Flat Iron Tips to Prevent Damage

-Use flat irons with titanium plates as they make for a more even heat distribution in natural hair types

- Pass the flat iron over the roots and mid-shaft no more than 2-3 times then leave the ends for the final pass over

- The ends are the weakest and most delicate part of your hair strands, so the flat iron should NOT be passed over your ends more than once.

7. Protect Hair at Night

At night-time wraps up your silk press with a silk scarf/bonnet to reduce breakage and split ends.

8. Reduce Frequency of Silk Press

You can safely get a silk press once every 3-4 months with a healthy hair routine and deep conditioning treatments.

Silk Press does not have to be the instant hair damage we all fear when you take the right precautions.

What do you think? Ready to take a dive into the temporary straight hair realm or is still a NAH for you?

For our Curlfriends ready to try a silk press the DIY way, Here is a temperature guide for you to use at home according to your hair type;

-Temperature Guide for all hair types:

Fine hair - heat 275-310 degrees F,

For medium hair = 310-390 degrees F,

And for coarser hair types =400-420 degrees F.

Are you one of the NAH screamers? Well, no worries there are so many beautiful and interesting ways to style our curls.


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