A Guide On What To Do After Washing Your Natural Hair

NOV. 09, 2022 ·

So many tips for a successful washday from how to shampoo in sections, and detangle, to steaming and deep conditioning. But we do all these, and at last rinse off the last traces of all our washday products and suddenly we are stumped and stuck with the ultimate question WHAT NEXT?

We all at one point have faced this question. After meticulously going through all the wash day steps and we are stuck with a sweet-smelling freshly washed head of hair with no idea what on earth to do with it. I know what you are thinking, how about the two good old options of a twist-out or a wash-n-go? Well, I personally would like to do other things with my curls than being stuck with these two styles always. So here we will discover 3 Primary Sets of steps you can take on immediately after your final rinse on washdays.

Come with me, let's explore your options in various categories


I. After the final rinse-out of the washday steps, Pat curls dry gently with an old cotton t-shirt, avoid using towels because they will snag on your curls and cause damage in the wet, weakened state of your hair.

II. Moisturize your hair according to its porosity level and needs. For Low Porosity Hair types, moisturize with lighter weight and water-based leave-in conditioners with slip to make for easier hair manipulation, like our moisturizing LEAVE-IN DETANGLER allow the leave-in conditioner/ moisturizer time to be absorbed then seal with light oil.

For High Porosity Hair types, moisturize with a moisturizing leave-in, and follow through to seal the moisture with a heavier sealing oil or butter. Do not apply butter and sealing oils to dry hair or without first applying a moisturizer.

To moisturize high porosity hair types on days excluding washdays, Use these steps;1. a water spritz as a liquid leave-in. 2. Apply a moisturizing leave-in or Styler like our CURLS UNLEASHED. 3. Seal with oil, use the GROWTH BURST SERUM.

III. Now style your freshly washed, detangled, and moisturized curls with any of the inspirations below;

Sleek Up-Do with Extensions

Apply your Curls Unleashed styler, brush the hair upwards and hold it with a hair tie.

Reapply styler to edges and bound curls, then smooth over with a smaller brush.

Finally, attach hair extension with a hair tie at the point of packed natural hair (Optional step)

Claw Clips For A Texture Tuesday

Flaunt your moisturized hair texture as you smooth flyaways and add shine with the Curls Unleashed and Growth Burst Serum

Chunky Twist-Outs

High Puff With A Twist


There are alternatives to drying with your cotton t-shirt and taking step 1. You can decide to moisturize your curls and reduce shrinkage with a light blowout without heat in the following steps;

i. After your final rinse out, section into 8 or more manageable sections depending on your hair density, moisturize according to your hair porosity, and proceed to stretch with either of these 3 methods;

1. Banding Method

i. Apply your styler to one of your sections and comb through with a wide tooth comb.

ii Then wrap your hair tie twice around the base of your section.

iii. Move your fingers down about an inch and wrap the hair tie again around the hair at that section, when the hair tie becomes taunt start exactly where the previous hair tie stopped until all the hair in that section is wrapped in hair ties/bands.

iv. Do the same for all sections.

2. Band And Braid/Twist Method

i. Apply your styler to one of your manageable sections and comb through with a wide tooth comb.

ii. Then wrap your hair tie twice or more around the base of your section. Stretch hair to ensure that the tied-up base is completely flat.

iii. Then start braiding or twisting the rest og the hair in that section till the ends.

iv. Do the same for each section

3. African Threading

i. Apply your Curls Unleashed styler to one of your sections and comb through with a wide tooth comb.

ii. Holding your hair taunt start to gently wrap your preferred thread around your curls until your get to your hair tips, then tie it off,

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Now we have the last option that lets you avoid over-manipulation and is very low maintenance. Allowing to get in the morning and get the move on with occasional moisturization and scalp care.

So after your moisturizing step, go ahead to style your curls in any of these easy DIY protective styles

Mini Natural Braids

Accessorize your braids to make them more interesting

African Threading

Your African threading can serve as both a stretching method and a protective style.

Simple Cornrows

Natural hair cornrows without extensions, you can wear out or with your wigs.

Flat Twists

Mini Twists

Now you never have to dread your post-washday steps or be stumped on what to do with your freshly washed curls.

I love the versatility of our curls, you never have to run out of ideas, and now you know you can do so much more with your hair other than twist-outs and wash-n-go. Disclaimer- I love the occasional twist-out but that's it though OCCASIONAL

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