INGREDIENT HIGHLIGHT: Jamaican Black Castor Oil And Its Benefits For Curly Hair Care

18th March, 2022


You've probably heard that black castor oil is a wonderful oil with great benefits for hair but you may not know why or may have wondered what exactly Jamaican black castor oil is. You may also ask how it differs from the good old castor oil that has been present since our mothers' time.


Below, discover more on why Jamaican black castor oil is a staple we use in all our products and how it can bolster hair, skin, and overall well-being.

What Is Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Castor oil has been around forever. It has been used by doctors as a stimulant laxative, and in making a variety of products ranging from soaps, perfumes, to brake fluids and paints. Then suddenly the black castor oil is causing an uproar in the beauty world, making you wonder if these castor oils are from different plants species perhaps one only found in Jamaica. Well....wrong!


All Castor oils are derived from the castor seeds also called beans(Ricinus communis). It is the different modes of extraction that produce the various types of castor oil.


2 Types of Castor Oil

  • Yellow Castor Oil- Extracted by cold pressing fresh castor beans.
  • Black Castor Oil- Castor seeds are roasted, crushed, and ground with mortar and pestle, water is then added to the mashed beans and boiled overheat to extract a thick brown oil.


The black castor oil extraction method originates from Jamaica hence its name Jamaican Black Castor Oil.

5 Haircare Benefits Of Jamaican Black Castor Oil.

Healthy hair is achieved through the combination of scalp and hair care. Read on for the various ways Jamaican black castor oils as a powerful humectant and emollient promote scalp and hair health.


1. Moisturizes Hair And Scalp


Black castor oil is a humectant oil which means that it adds and retains moisture to hair, scalp, or skin. As a humectant, it is a hydrating agent that attracts moisture to the hair and also retains its moisture making the black castor oil the answer for dry and also high porosity hair conditions.


Combine the benefits of various herbs with the Jamaican black castor oil in a product that has it all and more such as the Marshmallow and slippery Elm Leave-in to achieve moisturized detangled healthy curls.


2. Strengthens Hair Strands & Prevents Hair Breakage


Black castor oil is a lubricant that increases hair elasticity and reduces breakage while manipulating hair, ensuring that curls can retain length.


It is also rich in, fatty acids, minerals, and antioxidants such as vitamin E that enable it to nourish and strengthen hair strands. 


3. Reduces Dandruff and Dry Scalp Conditions


Black castor oil has anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties that enable it to fight dandruff-causing agents and reduce flaking by hydrating the scalp. 


It also contains an omega-9 unsaturated fatty acid which inhibits the secretion of sebum from the scalp, hence preventing the accumulation of oil deposits and its subsequent flaking.


Combat dandruff successfully with the 100% organic Growth Burst Serum that combines the Jamaican black castor oil with herbs, carrier oils, and a host of other essential oils such as peppermint oil.


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4. Promotes Hair Growth


Although there is a lack of proven scientific studies on its effects on hair growth, black castor oil contains ricinoleic acid an omega-9 unsaturated fatty acid linked to hair growth. And also by lubricating the skin around follicles and protecting long hair shafts from damage.


There are also several accounts supported with anecdotal evidence that it does promote hair growth.


5. Jamaican Black Castor Oil as An Emollient


Black castor oil is a natural emollient rich in omega-9 unsaturated fatty acid-ricinoleic acid and minerals that enable it to soften, and smoothen curls by filling in cracks in the hair cuticles while adding shine and retaining moisture in hair strands.

Organic Beauty Essence products containing Jamaican Black Castor oil: 


Marshmallow root & slippery elm Leave-in.                                         Growth Burst serum.

Black Castor oil also has lots of benefits for the skin with its anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties used to combat various skin conditions such as acne. 


But be cautious while using as it might cause eye irritation when it comes in contact with the eyes.


So go ahead and moisturize your face, skin, and hair with the Jamaican Black Castor Oil, and keep bacteria and fungi off your skin.

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