Listening To Your Curls: A Step Towards Achieving Hair Goals

Feb 1, 2022


The haircare community is up to is neck with a million dos and donts, trends, remember the sulphur and pepper cayenne for hair growth?Dont get me started on the upside down handstands. But you need to realize that your curls will not like every trend or technique.

So before you jump on that new technique or, DIYs and swear by it, ask your hair after using once or twice; Do you feel dry, brittle, matted of Do are you feeling moist, bouncy and elastic.

And believe it or not, your hair will give you an answer if you listen.



How Do I Listen To My Hair?



1.   Identify Your Hair Strengths And Weakness Currrently


Before you decide on steps to take, products to use, and hair practices to incorporate, you need to understand the present need of your curls;


-Is Your Hair Dry And Limp?: Time for some deep conditioning treatment especially if its not retaining moisture as you would like. 


-Experiencing Extreme Breakage?: Time for some protein treament to build up the strength of your hair strands. While noting down when these treatments were used.


-Experincing Dry Flakes?: Indicates a Dry Scalp situation might be time to indulge in some special scalp care routine.


Read More on Scalp Care Routine For Hair Growth.


-Dry Snagging Ends and Lots of Single Strand Knots?- Might be time to trim off those dead ends before the damage move upwards along your strands. This is after you make sure it has been at least 4months or more between your trimming sessions


A problem identified is a problem half solved.



2.  Keep Track Of Your Hair Practices And Products Used



Inbetween school, work,and family, its understandable we loose track of what we did, how we did it, when we did and what we used on our curls even as early as a week ago. To stop ourselves from feeling overwhelmed,and loosing sight of our hair goals, we need to employ hair tools that are readily visible and takes a second to input all hair plans, teatments, routine and results.


Not sure of your last washday date? Did something a week ago, was that a protein or a deep conditioning treatment. We need to be able get all these knowledge at a glance,move on and make space in our memory for those birthday dates and anniversaries. We have a suprise coming to help us take care of this.



3.  Identify Your Hair Response To New Technique and Products


Its all well and good to go down that youtube beauty guru spiral sometimes, but as you are following these trends,track its effects on your hair;


When Using New Products note how your curls responds , Is your hair easier to work with or did it tangle and feel brittle.How long and how often you use this product, needs to be tracked with your notes. 


A week after use, Is your hair retaining less moisture, does it feel drier? - This can be a sign of damage to your hair cuticle, increasing your Hair Porosity.


When Trying a new Technique or hair routine such as Co-washing, new moisturizing technique like LCO/LOC (moisturizing should not be a guessing game, use your Hair Porosity as a guide),or prepoo,use 4 -5 times, giving yourself time to get it right over a period of time, while keeping track using your hair tools. You will be able to detect if you curls love it or not.


Incorborating new practice like a prepoo into your regime ensuring that your leave-in has the maximium slip such as our Marshmallow root and slippery elm Leave-in. After a month you are on your length check t-shirt and seeing that extra 1/2 inch! thats length retention and less breakage happening. And that is your curls telling you give me more of this.

Kickstart Your Haircare Routine
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Hair Goal Tips 


1. Get the the best results out of your protective styling by keeping track of what date to got them and your expected take down dates. Note dates you moisturized scalp and hair if in a cornrow, so you can visibily see when you skipped.


2. Use your length check t-shirt as an encouragement, guide and have fun with the invisiblity power of your curls with its shrinkage and stretched out lenght differences. Our curls are magic.


3. If you try a hair practice 3 or 4 times and its not working, dont force it, simply go back to what works for you.


4. Try new things, products trends after a personal research and you dont get  the same exact result as anyone else, dont sweat it. Each hair is unique.


5. Get a hair tool that can keep track of your hair inputs and all resulting effects, inorder tailor a hair routine and keep to it.


So, take your time and carve out a hair routine from trial and error, noting what works and doesnt and remember no two heads of curls are the same despite similarities in curl patterns. Bandwagons will come and go but curls are forever.


May the curls fall where they will.

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