Tips To Prepare High Porosity Hair Types for Winter

NOV. 23rd, 2021

Winter is approaching with its cooler temperatures and festive spirit but we curly girls have some other preparations that don't involve gift wrappings and decorations, ........

Yes! you guessed right, preparing our curls for the bitter, dry, and cold winter winds. Sounds daunting I know but the key to winning any battle is readiness.


The dry winds and harsh weather conditions of winter, have high dehydrating effects on our natural hair, causing it to lose moisture. This leads to hair dryness and breakage.


High porosity hair has the ability to absorb moisture easily but has difficulty in moisture retention. People with this hair type are more susceptible to the dehydrating winter weather conditions, and will have to figure out ways to retain enough moisture for healthy hair.




But you are wondering  What is High Hair Porosity and Do I have it?


High hair porosity simply means that your hair is very porous, why?  Because the hair cuticles are raised and have lots of spaces inbetween them, allowing for easy passage in and out of the hair strands.


This means that when you apply moisture and  products to your hair, it gets absorbed very easily but also leaves the hair just as easily. The root problem of all high porosity hair types, is the inability to retain moisture.


The three hair porosity types include; Low porosity, high porosity and medium porosity.


Read more on all Hair porosity types and how to test for your hair porosity at home




What Does winter mean for high porosity hair?


High porosity hair types have certain characteristics which include;


- Hairs strands typically look dull.


- Moisture Absorbtion is easy, but retention is difficult.


-Excessive hair dryness.


 -Very prone to frizz


- Wet hair dry easily.  


-Prone to breakage


-Tangles Easily.


The cold and dry weather conditions that come with winter do not help the inability of high porosity hair to retain moisture. So it's important to give it some special care and attention.




How to Care for High Porosity Hair.


Deep Condition Twice or once a week in order to restore lost moisture and nutrients to the hair strands, and do not rinse off deep conditioner with hot water because this will cause more damage to hair cuticles, leading to breakage, instead rinse with warm water.



Prepoo And Detangle Always before washing hair, yes even if you co-wash. Because high porosity hair tangles easily and also, washing hair puts a lot of stress on the hair cuticles with its continuous opening and closing, leading to lots of hair breakage on your washday.


During these dry winter conditions, always prepoo with products rich in oil and nutrients such as the marshmallow root and slippery elm detangler. To ensure hair is not completely stripped of moisture after washing.


And also provide maximum slip when detangling to prevent hair breakage.





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Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize! Using the LOC method often and as many times a week as needed. Using Loc method simply means layering products for maximium moisture retention, one after the other following what each letter stands for.

Apply first;


  • L - Leave-in conditioner usually in liquid or lotion form to add needed moisture with our moisturizing detangler. Water can also be used in addition to your leave-in here. As need be spritz hair with some water from your continous mist spray bottle.
  • Then, O - Oil to seal the added moisture.
  • Lastly, C - Cream / butter to serve as another layer of sealant.

Protein Treatments At least once monthly with conditioners rich in keratin, wheat or silk protein as a mask or make DIY protein mask at home using eggs.


Do not use as often as moisturing deep conditioners, so as not cause any brittleness to hair strands. 


Hair porosity hair is fragile and prone to breakages, protein treatments patches up holes in hair cuticles, giving the hair strands much needed strength for the harsh weather conditions.

Use Protective Styling To reduce hair manipulation and prevent breakage. Tuck in your curls and also look stylish with your marley twist, crotchet styles, e.t.c.


But even in a protective style our hair should not be completely left alone, steps and care should be taken to protect its health.



Seal It Up With heavier oils and butters such as the shea butter, olive oils, and Avocado oils.


While wrapping up in sweats, pants and boots, remember to give your hair strands its own protective layer. 





- Air-dry hair as much as possible, if you must blow, use a diffuser.


-Always rinse with warm water not hot water.


- Avoid products with sulphate, parabens and silicones because they strip hair of moisture.


-Use low-effort syles that are close to your natural curl pattern while styling hair to reduce frizz ,avoid excessive manipulation and strain on hair strands.


- Use clay mask treatments to reduce frizz and moisturize hair.


- Dry hair with cotton t-shirts not towel.


- Avoid Heat as much a posible


Having high porosity isnt a death sentence for your hair, as we said readiness is half the battle. High porosity hair types already have huge advantage of absorbing moisture easily.


Simply follow this tips to help your hair retain its moisture, and watch it shine and get healthier.

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