The COVID-era changed what haircare means for all of us.

With the isolation and statewide shutdowns in 2020, many of us had too much time on our hands and fell into the DIY hacks rabbit hole (remember when everyone was making banana bread?). Some learned useful practices like avocado and rice water masks, while others did experiments that led to color/heat damage. 


In 2021, we were all excited to finally be outside again and everyone was hunting down "Hair Salons near me" to get back a bit of normalcy with some professional haircare.

We rounded up some of the most popular curly hair care searches that broke out in 2021 according to Google Trends. Spoiler alert: there are lots of new hairstyles and hair color and hair care interests.



1. Swim Caps For Natural Curly Hair 


Chlorine! Chlorine! Vs The blue cool water inviting you to just float away all your worries and pretend it's not a hot summer.


Thankfully, this is no longer a dilemma for us curlies and people with locs. We now have several swim caps made specifically for us, no matter your volume, texture, or any protective styles you have on. Here are some swim caps you can try next time you're in the pool or even the ocean:



2. Post-Covid19 and Post-Covid Vaccine Hair Loss


 More than 20% of people hospitalized with COVID-19 lose hair in the 3 to 6 months after discharge. This hair loss has been discovered to be as a result of stress rather than any treatment side effects. A condition known as  Telogen effluvium .

There are certain steps that can be taken to prevent a post-COVID19 hair loss and they include;


-Diet: Hair needs nutrients for growth and health. Eat meals rich in; Protein,  Iron,  Vitamin D,  Vitamin C ,  Zinc ,Folic acid, and  Vitamin B12. 


-Manage your stress levels with exercise, good sleep, and therapy if needed.


- Take good care of your care and treat it gently. Avoid styles that put too much pressure on your scalp and roots. Also detangle hair gently using products with maximuim slip and moisture such as Organic marshmallow root and slippery elm Detangling lotion

3. Balayage For Textured and Curly Hair


Balayage is actually a french word pronounced "BAH-LEE-AHGE" which means sweeping. That is sweeping a highlighter to create highlights.


It is simply a highlighting technique without the use of foils rather the stylist hand-paints color directly to your hair strands, giving a more natural look. Your hair with this techniquer looks softer, effortless and requires less maintenance than traditional highlights

4. Ginger Hair Color and Copper Highlights on Natural Curls


Hair color on textured and curly hair has always been a game of russian roulette because curly hair is= naturally drier and more delicate than other hair types but the chances of hair damage is greatly reduced by deep conditioning before and after the color application. Also giving your hair some special TLC regularly with some hair care practices such as; Steaming.


LEARN MORE: A Step by Step Guide to Natural Hair Steaming.


Some hair dye seem to give the some beautiful ginger curls;


  • Adore Cajun Spice Hair Dye
  • L'Oreal Paris Hair Dye




5. Pin Curls on Short Natural Curls


Just like African hair threading, pin curls are the answer to achieving defined heatless curls. The advantage is that works really well on either long or short curly hair and can be a quick way to achieve stretched hair while traveling light (no need to squeeze a blow dryer and hair straightener in your luggage), plus you get to avoid heat damage. It works better on dampened, moisturized hair.




We formulated this plant-based intense hair growth serum with organic Fenugreek, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Rosemary and Peppermint essential oils,it is completely free of toxic chemicals.


Massage into your scalp to have your scalp free of dandruff leaving it super clean, nourished and you will see new growth in your edges and any bald patches.


Its combination of herbs, essential oils and organic oils that help add lustre and volume to your hair by stimulating hair roots,


6. How to Determine your Hair Porosity


There were so many topics people were interested in, from curl pattern and definition to hair growth, length retention, and overall health of hair. Another topic that got a lot more concern and interest is the steps to moisturize our hair the right way. This can only be achieved if you know your hair porosity.


LEARN MORE: How To Test, And Care For Your Hair Porosity Type

It has been an eventful year and as it comes to an end, I hope we are all closer to achieving our hair dreams and goals, loving our curls and letting them be what they are, more importantly happier with ourselves and life if not we will get there.


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